New Year’s Resolution!


We made it to the end of 2012, defeated the apocalypse (yes, that was us) and 2013 is nearly upon us. We thought it was only appropriate that we should give you our new year’s resolution in which we explain our plans for 2013. We also thought it only makes sense that we look back over the year since we set up Jamii Games – all 26 days of it!

Recap of (very late) 2012
Earlier this year, we realised that our idea for an open, community inspired game was a perfect match for the revolutionary, open OUYA game console. We were very excited when we found out that there was an opportunity for us to win an early OUYA development kit by showcasing our idea , albeit in less than 140 characters! Our only problem was that our idea was in it’s infancy and we hadn’t sent it out into the World Wide Web yet. Naturally, we set up a temporary website and aTwitter account – @Jamii_Games – for us to publish our idea on as soon as we could. We weren’t fortunate enough to get our hands on an early development kit but we haven’t found it much of an obstacle as we now have access to the OUYA software kit and we feel very motivated to get to work on this project.

Since then, behind the scenes at Jamii Games, we’ve been investigating all the boring stuff a la website hosting and servers that will make our idea a reality. We’re taking our time with this as this will create the foundations of the full website and we want to be sure that we will be able to support all your ideas and contributions in the best, most reliable way. Also, we have been coming up with lots of ideas for the project, regarding updates to the idea and future ambitions, that we will reveal shortly.

2013 Resolution
We desperately want to involve you in our work but the limitations of our temporary website prevent us from letting you become a part of the process. So, in 2013, expect to see the launch of our full website, with the community integrated at the heart of the system. This will involve a new hosting plan, a new, custom-built website and the ability to create and upload YOUR contributions to the project. However, we need some money to set-up and maintain a website like this and so, in 2013, we will be raising money for the project through a Kickstarter campaign and other fundraising-y things. This will hopefully raise the money needed to truly ‘kickstart’ (excuse the pun) (it’s not even a good pun, we should be ashamed) (actually, ashamed doesn’t even cover it, we are terrible, terrible people) our idea, and hopefully create a strong foundation for our projects, now and in the future. Finally, we hope to be able to get the game project well on its way to completion and it’s possible that we will release it in parts/through updates so it keeps growing. So, from us to you, a very happy new year, and here’s to the great prospects coming in 2013!

Happy New Year!

Jamii Games out!

We are going to keep you posted about our website in the near future so that any website developers can get involved with us, adding suggestions and helping out with coding. When the website is set up, we will also be compiling tutorials and other useful tips for budding coders and developers so that you anyone can help add to the website. Plus, we’ve got some really cool ideas for the website that will help developers practice their skills and share their work with the community!