Jamii Game Project – #MyOuyaGame


After months of conjuring up ideas, we wanted to use the #myouyagame competition to finally showcase our innovative game project.

Yesterday’s dreamers will become today’s creators. Our game plan aims to bring game development to everyone, in a fun and crazy-awesome way, without the need to be a professional. We’d appreciate it if you could take the time to read through our plan and help support us!

Game Summary

Imagine a universe where everyone’s mind is a universe. And of course, one man has a way of getting there. As usual, that person is a bad guy. However, not as always, that bad guy. . . is you.

You, being the crazy evil astronaut you are, enter people’s minds and put them under your control, altering the real universe as we know it today. True to life, every person’s mind in the game is unique and special to them – this is where things get fun.

We’re combining different styles of gaming and artwork to create individual levels. This means that collaborations can occur on a smaller, more controllable scale but above all you get to choose the style, the genre, the setting; everything and anything that could occur in one level, but be still coherent to the plot. There will also be an open-world mode, for you to explore the beautifully crafted worlds as well as see the real universe changing as you progress through the games plot.

Anyone with the passion to create can join in with this game project – you don’t have to be a professional game developer!

In order to achieve this, we will be setting up a website where you can share your work to others, as well as allowing you to download other peoples work, if they wish, so that you can develop it. As standard, all credit will go to all the contributors and of course, your name will be credited for the development of the game. The website separated into parts for different skills and each individual level project, where you can join in – there will be a voting system so that popular work can be recognised and advice can be given to others.

Artists! You can submit drawings for characters, game artwork, objects and much more. There will be contests to create features for levels such as villains, monsters, backgrounds, skies and much more! Some patterns and artwork will be ‘patchworked’ together, to create a real sense of creativity, community and the patchwork universe.

Graphic designers! How about putting those artists sketches of characters into a full graphic? Collaborate with artists and develop other peoples ideas and help to create the game or just design your own stuff!

Game developers! You guy’s are the pro’s, and we are going to need a team to help get all these ideas into a full game. If you specialize in specific areas, such as 8-bit styled games, you can make the 8-bit styled levels, simple!

Musicians! What would a game be without it’s catchy soundtrack, epic music and signature game noises. We will be opening up a platform to upload and download other peoples tracks so you can remix them or extend their idea (don’t worry, all musicians who contributed will get credit).

Writers! As the game will revolve around a central plot and various mini-stories, we will be allowing writers to collaborate together and create more scripts for the game as well as working on our basic idea.

There will also be opportunities for people to create tutorials to share, so if you want to help out with coding but aren’t an expert, you can get some guidance along the way.

Why us?

We are truly passionate about this idea and believe that it has the potential to become one of the most popular titles for the Ouya. The indie game world is becoming a promising and viable venture for many young developers, like ourselves, artists and musicians.So why not let everyone join in?

Let the world scream out their ideas and additions and become part of the next largest thing to hit the internet. We have detailed plans on how we are going to make this manageable and achievable, all we need is your support. Also, we want to emphasize that we will not be making money off other people’s work, we just may require donations so that we can make the game possible. If this project is successful, there will be opportunities to make money through in-game purchases on your own projects and levels.

Why for Ouya?

We think that the Ouya and the Jamii Game project will work seamlessly together as they share some fundamental beliefs. Ouya, like our project, is open-sourced and also is the perfect platform for the independent  developer to get their games into the living room. We want to take this a step further and make it so that anyone can get their creations onto the TV screen.

This gives us way more flexibility than other consoles and will allow, after the first version of the game project has been released, possibilities such as allowing people to set up their own individual projects to add to the game or as new games. We will make it available for PC, too, for testing and playing, so everyone can access it, but Ouya will bring the game to life.

How you can help!

Before this shiny future is within grasp, we need your help! If you support this project and want to be a part of our game project, awesome! Here’s how you can help:

1. Retweet! – There is plenty to do and so we are going to try and get this project off the ground for the Ouya launch – winning this #myouyagame competition to get an early dev kit would be a great starting point. To show your support for the idea, all you have to do is retweet, favourite or share our idea!

2. Join us – We will be setting up a full website soon and we will require some donations and fundraising along the way to help make this project happen. Once all the basics are out of the way, you way, anyone can contribute! You can email us at jamiigamesfaq@gmail.com if you want to help build the website and community!

3. Enjoy the ride! – This is going to be a truly ambitious feat and we know that with your support, and your crazy ideas, we can create a truly unique, and fun, gaming experience.

In summary, meanwhile, in the nearby future,  someone is sitting in their bedroom, creating a game that will be available to millions of people, in a way simpler than ever before. Work together with professionals and enrich your skills in any area of game development. to create a game that will stun the world.

You can keep updated and join the conversation using #JamiiGameProject