Rock and Roll

We will be returning next year, when we will begin to construct some of our current ideas as well as introduce a range of new products and content. The creativity, perseverance and the heart-warming connection that binds the indie game community continues to inspire us to make our idea a reality.

Thank you.

Rock on.


Project Cheesecake

Jamii Games will be a central website for game creation and collaboration. Let’s break down our website into cheesecake layers:


Fundamental base: To connect. The internet is very much ready for game creation and  collaboration, it just needs to connect the right people and software together.

How will it be implemented?

By creating a unique, easy visual interface as well as a search tool, we will be able to create a ‘discovery map’ of everything surrounding a game project.

Also, as people are  the centre of their projects, simple ‘portfolios’ will be created for each person with links to their social networks, individual project ‘maps’, contributions to other people’s work and any completed projects. Badges, achievements and other things may be implemented here.

The project maps  link together key websites for game creation. They are highly customisable for the user, allowing them to add other website links from Github to DeviantArt amongst a recommended set. This way, we are using existing softwares, efficiently using what they do best, to help create different sections of games.

(Digestive) Biscuit base

Secondary fundamental base: To collaborate. We need to make it easy for people to  add to game projects as well as create what they want with ease.

How will it be implemented?

People contributing to game projects should be pretty straightforward through external sites. What we can do is create a forum-like message board for the game project to help creators work together and see what they like and don’t like in the game.

If you can’t create, you can’t collaborate. Therefore, secondly, as one of our initial aims is to educate people in creation making, we’ll have plenty of room for people to teach others  and post videos. Hey, we might even have an entire section dedicated to teaching and learning from others.

Delicious Cream Topping

Casual users who aren’t quite ready to make games or don’t have the time should still be able to be involved.

How will it be implemented?

Money donations are almost essential for funding ambitious projects and even running our own website. It’ll be easy for them to contribute to a game’s Kickstarter or our own website fund.

Voting is a quick and simple way for people to get involved as well as getting invaluable feedback to the game creators. Ideas can be easily voted up and down, Reddit style in order to create a constant flow of content to the homepage – this should be easy to implement on our own site without the need of an external site. Additionally, people will be able to rate games individually with stars and leave feedback.

Another fun yet crucial part of game development: game testing. People love playing games, and some people love testing them before others. Game testing is really popular and therefore a viable venture for the website – as well as helping to find bugs and rating enjoyability, we hope to create a personal connection between the creators and testers to get the most honest and useful feedback.  We plan to have a tab for people to click in order to get a game to test, or if they back a game, they can test it before others.

Chocolate Sprinkles

A fun, open source collaborative game project for everyone to contribute to or edit.

How will it be implemented?

Of course, I haven’t forgotten the collaborative game. The collaborative game will very much be one of the most appealing factors of the website. The game will be continually grow and develop with us having a small bit of control to stitch the game together. It will be made much like other games, however it will have a much larger forum as well as frequent competitions. You will also be able to create mini-projects coming off from the central game which we will eventually bundle together with the game.

The collaborative game will still be open, free and accessible as we had initially planned – (we will be releasing the FAQ section for the game project very soon to answer any other questions you might have).

Hundreds And Thousands (because our cheesecakes are that extreme)

A simple and inviting user interface will make the website easy for beginners to get into as well as being easy on the eyes for experienced developers.

Dietary requirements:

Trace amounts of spam will be removed by moderators to keep the content safe for everyone!

Should you support our project?

If you like clichéd, unimaginative first-person shooter games, which give you no ability to interact and join in the development, then stay as far away from the project as possible. But if you want a better class of gaming, where the game is formed from the brilliant, fantastic ideas of thousands of people from all over the world, then, by all means, support us.

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It doesn’t matter how you do it, just dive in and enjoy the ride!