Rock and Roll

We will be returning next year, when we will begin to construct some of our current ideas as well as introduce a range of new products and content. The creativity, perseverance and the heart-warming connection that binds the indie game community continues to inspire us to make our idea a reality.

Thank you.

Rock on.


Project Cheesecake

Jamii Games will be a central website for game creation and collaboration. Let’s break down our website into cheesecake layers:


Fundamental base: To connect. The internet is very much ready for game creation and  collaboration, it just needs to connect the right people and software together.

How will it be implemented?

By creating a unique, easy visual interface as well as a search tool, we will be able to create a ‘discovery map’ of everything surrounding a game project.

Also, as people are  the centre of their projects, simple ‘portfolios’ will be created for each person with links to their social networks, individual project ‘maps’, contributions to other people’s work and any completed projects. Badges, achievements and other things may be implemented here.

The project maps  link together key websites for game creation. They are highly customisable for the user, allowing them to add other website links from Github to DeviantArt amongst a recommended set. This way, we are using existing softwares, efficiently using what they do best, to help create different sections of games.

(Digestive) Biscuit base

Secondary fundamental base: To collaborate. We need to make it easy for people to  add to game projects as well as create what they want with ease.

How will it be implemented?

People contributing to game projects should be pretty straightforward through external sites. What we can do is create a forum-like message board for the game project to help creators work together and see what they like and don’t like in the game.

If you can’t create, you can’t collaborate. Therefore, secondly, as one of our initial aims is to educate people in creation making, we’ll have plenty of room for people to teach others  and post videos. Hey, we might even have an entire section dedicated to teaching and learning from others.

Delicious Cream Topping

Casual users who aren’t quite ready to make games or don’t have the time should still be able to be involved.

How will it be implemented?

Money donations are almost essential for funding ambitious projects and even running our own website. It’ll be easy for them to contribute to a game’s Kickstarter or our own website fund.

Voting is a quick and simple way for people to get involved as well as getting invaluable feedback to the game creators. Ideas can be easily voted up and down, Reddit style in order to create a constant flow of content to the homepage – this should be easy to implement on our own site without the need of an external site. Additionally, people will be able to rate games individually with stars and leave feedback.

Another fun yet crucial part of game development: game testing. People love playing games, and some people love testing them before others. Game testing is really popular and therefore a viable venture for the website – as well as helping to find bugs and rating enjoyability, we hope to create a personal connection between the creators and testers to get the most honest and useful feedback.  We plan to have a tab for people to click in order to get a game to test, or if they back a game, they can test it before others.

Chocolate Sprinkles

A fun, open source collaborative game project for everyone to contribute to or edit.

How will it be implemented?

Of course, I haven’t forgotten the collaborative game. The collaborative game will very much be one of the most appealing factors of the website. The game will be continually grow and develop with us having a small bit of control to stitch the game together. It will be made much like other games, however it will have a much larger forum as well as frequent competitions. You will also be able to create mini-projects coming off from the central game which we will eventually bundle together with the game.

The collaborative game will still be open, free and accessible as we had initially planned – (we will be releasing the FAQ section for the game project very soon to answer any other questions you might have).

Hundreds And Thousands (because our cheesecakes are that extreme)

A simple and inviting user interface will make the website easy for beginners to get into as well as being easy on the eyes for experienced developers.

Dietary requirements:

Trace amounts of spam will be removed by moderators to keep the content safe for everyone!

New Year’s Resolution!


We made it to the end of 2012, defeated the apocalypse (yes, that was us) and 2013 is nearly upon us. We thought it was only appropriate that we should give you our new year’s resolution in which we explain our plans for 2013. We also thought it only makes sense that we look back over the year since we set up Jamii Games – all 26 days of it!

Recap of (very late) 2012
Earlier this year, we realised that our idea for an open, community inspired game was a perfect match for the revolutionary, open OUYA game console. We were very excited when we found out that there was an opportunity for us to win an early OUYA development kit by showcasing our idea , albeit in less than 140 characters! Our only problem was that our idea was in it’s infancy and we hadn’t sent it out into the World Wide Web yet. Naturally, we set up a temporary website and aTwitter account – @Jamii_Games – for us to publish our idea on as soon as we could. We weren’t fortunate enough to get our hands on an early development kit but we haven’t found it much of an obstacle as we now have access to the OUYA software kit and we feel very motivated to get to work on this project.

Since then, behind the scenes at Jamii Games, we’ve been investigating all the boring stuff a la website hosting and servers that will make our idea a reality. We’re taking our time with this as this will create the foundations of the full website and we want to be sure that we will be able to support all your ideas and contributions in the best, most reliable way. Also, we have been coming up with lots of ideas for the project, regarding updates to the idea and future ambitions, that we will reveal shortly.

2013 Resolution
We desperately want to involve you in our work but the limitations of our temporary website prevent us from letting you become a part of the process. So, in 2013, expect to see the launch of our full website, with the community integrated at the heart of the system. This will involve a new hosting plan, a new, custom-built website and the ability to create and upload YOUR contributions to the project. However, we need some money to set-up and maintain a website like this and so, in 2013, we will be raising money for the project through a Kickstarter campaign and other fundraising-y things. This will hopefully raise the money needed to truly ‘kickstart’ (excuse the pun) (it’s not even a good pun, we should be ashamed) (actually, ashamed doesn’t even cover it, we are terrible, terrible people) our idea, and hopefully create a strong foundation for our projects, now and in the future. Finally, we hope to be able to get the game project well on its way to completion and it’s possible that we will release it in parts/through updates so it keeps growing. So, from us to you, a very happy new year, and here’s to the great prospects coming in 2013!

Happy New Year!

Jamii Games out!

We are going to keep you posted about our website in the near future so that any website developers can get involved with us, adding suggestions and helping out with coding. When the website is set up, we will also be compiling tutorials and other useful tips for budding coders and developers so that you anyone can help add to the website. Plus, we’ve got some really cool ideas for the website that will help developers practice their skills and share their work with the community!

Thank you!

We would like to say a huge thank you to all of you who took the time to read our entry for the #MyOuyaGame competition – we’ve been blown away by all your kind support!

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to win an Ouya dev kit but the 13 winners that were chosen were all well-deserving and had awesome game ideas. Not winning the contest is a little setback as we won’t be able to get our hands on an Ouya Console SDK until next year, but we are going to continue to try our hardest to find ways around this so the game is out as soon as possible!

Looking at this in a positive view, in some ways it has worked out better for us as we now have more freedom to develop the game over different platforms as we don’t have to focus getting the game done for the Ouya launch and we won’t have to rush to get it completed for this deadline (although this doesn’t mean we’ll still try to)!

Plus, the competition really helped to kickstart us to get started on developing the project and also, your support has really has motivated us to get to work on it!

Over the next few weeks we will be posting all kinds of treats and behind-the-scenes-stuff – we’ve got some really exciting ideas that we want to share with you, too! Also, this current website/blog and design is only temporary and so there will be an official launch to be excited for in the new year! *Pops party popper*

Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who has taken an interest in the game! We hope you can join us for every small step that we will take to revolutionizing the game industry!

Happy Holidays!

Jamii Games out!

Jamii Game Project – #MyOuyaGame


After months of conjuring up ideas, we wanted to use the #myouyagame competition to finally showcase our innovative game project.

Yesterday’s dreamers will become today’s creators. Our game plan aims to bring game development to everyone, in a fun and crazy-awesome way, without the need to be a professional. We’d appreciate it if you could take the time to read through our plan and help support us!

Game Summary

Imagine a universe where everyone’s mind is a universe. And of course, one man has a way of getting there. As usual, that person is a bad guy. However, not as always, that bad guy. . . is you.

You, being the crazy evil astronaut you are, enter people’s minds and put them under your control, altering the real universe as we know it today. True to life, every person’s mind in the game is unique and special to them – this is where things get fun.

We’re combining different styles of gaming and artwork to create individual levels. This means that collaborations can occur on a smaller, more controllable scale but above all you get to choose the style, the genre, the setting; everything and anything that could occur in one level, but be still coherent to the plot. There will also be an open-world mode, for you to explore the beautifully crafted worlds as well as see the real universe changing as you progress through the games plot.

Anyone with the passion to create can join in with this game project – you don’t have to be a professional game developer!

In order to achieve this, we will be setting up a website where you can share your work to others, as well as allowing you to download other peoples work, if they wish, so that you can develop it. As standard, all credit will go to all the contributors and of course, your name will be credited for the development of the game. The website separated into parts for different skills and each individual level project, where you can join in – there will be a voting system so that popular work can be recognised and advice can be given to others.

Artists! You can submit drawings for characters, game artwork, objects and much more. There will be contests to create features for levels such as villains, monsters, backgrounds, skies and much more! Some patterns and artwork will be ‘patchworked’ together, to create a real sense of creativity, community and the patchwork universe.

Graphic designers! How about putting those artists sketches of characters into a full graphic? Collaborate with artists and develop other peoples ideas and help to create the game or just design your own stuff!

Game developers! You guy’s are the pro’s, and we are going to need a team to help get all these ideas into a full game. If you specialize in specific areas, such as 8-bit styled games, you can make the 8-bit styled levels, simple!

Musicians! What would a game be without it’s catchy soundtrack, epic music and signature game noises. We will be opening up a platform to upload and download other peoples tracks so you can remix them or extend their idea (don’t worry, all musicians who contributed will get credit).

Writers! As the game will revolve around a central plot and various mini-stories, we will be allowing writers to collaborate together and create more scripts for the game as well as working on our basic idea.

There will also be opportunities for people to create tutorials to share, so if you want to help out with coding but aren’t an expert, you can get some guidance along the way.

Why us?

We are truly passionate about this idea and believe that it has the potential to become one of the most popular titles for the Ouya. The indie game world is becoming a promising and viable venture for many young developers, like ourselves, artists and musicians.So why not let everyone join in?

Let the world scream out their ideas and additions and become part of the next largest thing to hit the internet. We have detailed plans on how we are going to make this manageable and achievable, all we need is your support. Also, we want to emphasize that we will not be making money off other people’s work, we just may require donations so that we can make the game possible. If this project is successful, there will be opportunities to make money through in-game purchases on your own projects and levels.

Why for Ouya?

We think that the Ouya and the Jamii Game project will work seamlessly together as they share some fundamental beliefs. Ouya, like our project, is open-sourced and also is the perfect platform for the independent  developer to get their games into the living room. We want to take this a step further and make it so that anyone can get their creations onto the TV screen.

This gives us way more flexibility than other consoles and will allow, after the first version of the game project has been released, possibilities such as allowing people to set up their own individual projects to add to the game or as new games. We will make it available for PC, too, for testing and playing, so everyone can access it, but Ouya will bring the game to life.

How you can help!

Before this shiny future is within grasp, we need your help! If you support this project and want to be a part of our game project, awesome! Here’s how you can help:

1. Retweet! – There is plenty to do and so we are going to try and get this project off the ground for the Ouya launch – winning this #myouyagame competition to get an early dev kit would be a great starting point. To show your support for the idea, all you have to do is retweet, favourite or share our idea!

2. Join us – We will be setting up a full website soon and we will require some donations and fundraising along the way to help make this project happen. Once all the basics are out of the way, you way, anyone can contribute! You can email us at if you want to help build the website and community!

3. Enjoy the ride! – This is going to be a truly ambitious feat and we know that with your support, and your crazy ideas, we can create a truly unique, and fun, gaming experience.

In summary, meanwhile, in the nearby future,  someone is sitting in their bedroom, creating a game that will be available to millions of people, in a way simpler than ever before. Work together with professionals and enrich your skills in any area of game development. to create a game that will stun the world.

You can keep updated and join the conversation using #JamiiGameProject



Should you support our project?

If you like clichéd, unimaginative first-person shooter games, which give you no ability to interact and join in the development, then stay as far away from the project as possible. But if you want a better class of gaming, where the game is formed from the brilliant, fantastic ideas of thousands of people from all over the world, then, by all means, support us.

Retweet, Follow, Favourite

It doesn’t matter how you do it, just dive in and enjoy the ride!

Hello Internet!

How’s it going?

Over the next few weeks this is going to be our blog space, to share our thoughts with you, inform you of all the progress with our game project for the Ouya and keep you updated about everything else that is worth reading about, before our full website is set up!

For now though, welcome to our humble blog – we hope we can share some pretty cool things with you and that you enjoy the ride!

Jamii Games out!